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After doing some work/study/thinking, a decision has been reached. I have Body Chan/Kun mannequins. Figure study currently in progress. While I still do not plan to post art here regularly, I may start posting photos of the poses I choose for these guys as a free resource. (Will write up something specific later.)

I am aware that a few DA users have already done this, so I'll try my best not to be repetitive. I also will be posting them on Instagram. There seem to be many more chan/kun shots thataway.
Meanwhile, the studies that spawn from this will pop up on my main Tumblr. Link still below.
This gallery has been void for a few days. My creative operations have been moved onto Tumblr. Link at entry's end. Instead of filling a gallery, I am finding less pressure in keeping a blog and only having to concern myself with posting bit by bit.

I am working toward a number of goals in my life. Not foremost, as it should be, improving my skills and artist's vision is among them. Pertaining to this site, I do not intend to participate much. A few people whose work I enjoy are more or less exclusive to their DA galleries. That is why I am still here. It is possible that my profile may see art added in the future, but I am uncertain of the purpose this site would fulfill.

For those who wish to follow my works: -- primary art blog -- some art, some photography -- some art, too much monologue